There are exceptional people out there who are capable of starting epidemics. All you have to do is find them.
— Malcolm Gladwell


‘HEX’ comes from the ancient Greek root of the word 'six', inspired by Six Degrees of Separation, the theory that all living things are connected by six or fewer steps.

Influencer marketing and creative collaborations harness the power of an individual's or group's network, benefitting brand awareness and connecting with people who share the same values. More and more brands are turning people into ambassadors, who have more influence and perspective to help tell the brand's story. 

HEX connects the right people for impactful collaborations. We offer services specializing in influencer marketing from developing strategy, talent sourcing and digital campaign management, event production, in-house influencer campaigns, creative connections, promotions, and more. 


-Connect Brands with Influencers and Creatives: elevate your brand with new exciting collaborations. 

-Develop Content Strategy: define business goals and create a thoughtful approach to reach and exceed them.

-Manage Content Campaigns: develop customized influencer campaigns creating compelling content, seamless execution and reporting. 

-Event Marketing: produce and promote influencer events, shopping events, food events, in-store events and more.

-Influencer and Creative Workshops: monthly workshops with industry leaders. 

-Influencer Outreach and Research: continuously finding the best talent to work with our brands and best tactics to achieve business goals.